More often than not, one needs to ‘disrupt’ the status quo, thoughts and patterns of behavior to create breakthroughs and transformation that lead to business success, peak performance and personal fulfillment. ~ Danny Khursigara

Danny Khursigara is the founder of FreedomOne International Consulting that specializes in Executive & Success Coaching and Business Transformation.

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More often than not, one needs to ‘disrupt’ the status quo, thoughts and patterns of behavior to create breakthroughs and transformation that lead to business success, peak performance and personal fulfillment. ~ Danny Khursigara

Danny Khursigara is the founder of FreedomOne International Consulting that specializes in Executive & Success Coaching and Business Transformation.


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Danny's expertise lies in helping C-SUITE Corporate leaders in multicultural environments who are struggling with feeling isolated, misunderstood and facing cultural challenges on how to create a cohesive peak performance work culture, a team that shares a common vision, delivers excellence, respects you and has your back.

He was selected as TOP 100 Authority by Influence Magazine for 2017 as one of Asia’s highly sought after Success Coaches

Danny has been a career banker with over 19 years of multicultural experience in capacities of COO & CFO for Fortune 500 financial institutions across several key locations in Asia Pacific.

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The bestselling book Road to Success (co-authored with Jack Canfield from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and America’s No#1 Success Coach).


The Road to Success brings together several industry experts to co-author with Jack Canfield to help you achieve your goals in career, health and lifestyle. In most instances, it is said that whatever you want to achieve someone somewhere has already achieved it. Instead of reinventing the wheel learn from experiences of the experts to achieve your goals much faster.


Real life stories, real life challenges and real life solutions.


Hard copy now available at Bookazine stores in Hong Kong and Amazon & B&N.

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'Being Grounded In The Corporate World'

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Success Strategist & Corporate Trainer

One of the main reasons why organisations and companies fail or underperform is because of lack of ‘purpose-driven’ leadership, clarity, and an uninspiring core culture. This is where Strategic Coaching & Consulting play a pivotal role in creating transformation & success.

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Keynote Speaker

Tailored to audience needs, Danny’s keynote talks are engaging, inspiring, interactive and fun. Please press below to book Danny for your company or association.

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Certified Life Coach

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unfulfilled in your life or career? Create transformation and double your results in business and life with 1-1 or group coaching programs with one of the top coaches in Asia. 100% money back guaranteed.

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Meditation and mindfulness techniques that help you connect with that deeper part of your subconscious.

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Train the Trainer Completion Certificate Program

Get yourself certified as a Success Coach through Danny’s transformative coaching program and start changing lives NOW!

Success Matters

A few brief questions on the first steps to a more fulfilling career or purposeful life.


Based on several years of industry experience in the corporate world and mentoring and coaching people from various walks of life over the years, Danny uses proven and time tested success strategies (based on the Success Principles) and examples in his keynote talks, trainings and coaching sessions. You are guaranteed to be inspired and equipped with self-empowering tools, proven performance strategies that will get you from where you now to where you want to be.



I started working with Danny as my personal Life & Success Coach 2 years ago when I was assigned a very ambitious challenge by the Group : the turnaround of the company in Japan..

When I started, the team was not engaged and the brand vision was not clear. The company in Japan was not delivering expected results and profitability was an issue..

Danny helped me go through a huge business turnaround with a very clear vision, building a stronger and more engaged team delivering amazing results to the group both top line and bottom line. I would also never be grateful enough to Danny for helping me identify my true purpose in life and align it with my work..

Thanks to his effective coaching, I have hired Danny to run several sessions to my own team hosting other CEOs of the Group. I could immediately see the benefits of his time spent with all employees, how their delivery further improved, their engagement to the brand and to their own team became really powerful and how happy and fulfilled they felt..

My leadership style has also evolved in the past years since I met Danny: I understood how important it is to lead with a purpose, how powerful your team could become if engaged with a clear vision and how business can bloom when the leader and the team are aligned..

After seeing colleagues of mine also benefiting from his sessions, I would recommend without a doubt Danny for both private coaching and team coaching.

President and CEO
Globally Renowned Luxury Fashion Group

I met Danny in a moment of great professional and personal challenge: business was tough, big changes in the organization of the company, new bosses, very high level of stress, overwhelming responsibilities at home and the feeling I was not conveying the right energy to my team and my family to turn the situation around.

The very first minute I met Danny I felt he is gifted with an incredible intuition, to immediately understand what are the key factors that you need to re-align, not only to go back on track, but also to have a stronger clarity in your goals, on how you can progress, and drive the same positive move in the people around you.

In a very short span of time, Danny help me and my organization to think from a bigger perspective, get all aligned around a common vision, leverage on positive strengths. The key learning I will never thank Danny enough for is how powerful clarity is:
clarity of vision, of who you are, of the quality of relationship you want to have in your personal and professional life.

Danny is a real game changer and I highly recommend and experience with him, both for individuals and teams.

CEO, Globally Renowned Luxury Fashion Brand

I’ve led turnaround in multinational companies in China for the last 10 plus years and working with Danny helped me and my organization make a quantum leap in creating a thriving community in China.

He is a true mentor supporting me in a very challenging ‘multicultural’ environment, significantly improving team engagement and happiness levels where I though was most difficult.

His passion and techniques gave me inspiration to improve myself and lead others towards a turnaround in China as well as leading me and others to achieve bottom line results in both business and personal life.

Fabrio Merz
CEO, Gefran China

I was referred to Danny by my mentor to help me through a very difficult time in my career. Danny guided me through a journey to re-discover myself - my values, my purpose, my fears and my goals - on a both professional and personal level allowing me to be more authentic, free and successful!

Susan Chen
Head of Merchandising, GUCCI

Working with Danny is a game changer !!!

I had the opportunity to be coached by Danny for only 4 months and I benefitted immensely from those sessions. Truly inspiring!

He stressed the importance of a shared vision for the division which turned out to be a very powerful message as everyone in the team took ownership and exceeded expectations. Behaviours improved, trust was built and performance peaked in a short time frame.

Marcus Tong
Managing Director - Markets, Royal Bank of Scotland

Danny Khursigara's Inspired to Greatness seminar is an exceptional opportunity to take your life to the next level.

You’ll learn how to discover and align your purpose, passion, vision and goals in a way that will help you achieve your biggest goals in the shortest possible time through proven techniques and experiential training in applying the Success Principles. You’ll also learn how to overcome your fears and your limiting thought patterns that have held you back from achieving what you truly want.

With Danny’s 19 years experience as COO & CFO in global financial institutions along with his experience as a certified success coach and business transformation expert, you can rest assured of nothing short of a dramatic transformation in both your professional and your personal personal life.

Jack Canfield
Chairman of the 'Canfield Training Group'
Co-author of 'The Success Principles' & 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series

I found my executive coaching sessions with Danny to be both very helpful professionally as well as personally. He would get me to think about my life from a different perspective, which proved to be extremely insightful. Danny's techniques are very effective and thus made it easier for me to think about what is very important in my life and led to achieving my business goals and personal aspirations faster than I ever thought was possible.

Marcie Ball
Managing Director, Royal Bank of Scotland

With twenty plus years of senior executive experience in the international business world, I have managed organisations of all sizes and across all continents. Being introduced to Danny was a turning point in my path and one of my most enlightening experiences. Danny helped me see through things that were opaque to me and most importantly, challenged me for my greater good. Without him, I will never have been able to become the person I am today.

Thanks to Danny, I look at our world through a different prism and the world sees me in a very different light.

Muriel Boudon
Founder, MVB Consulting Hong Kong, (Ex GM & Retail Director at Stella Luna & Prada)

I met Danny during the lowest points in my life in both business and personal aspects. My challenges seemed insurmountable.

Meeting Danny changed that in ways I can only imagine. Danny inspired & helped me discover my own talents and overcome my deep seated blocks, doubts and fears.

Within a year, I exceeded my own expectations & broke limits which I thought were never possible to overcome. And landed my first regional director role.

I'd like to thank Danny as I won't be where I am without him.

Holly Fung, Regional Marketing Director, Asia Pacific at YouGov
Hong Kong

Your presentation, your depth and range of knowledge, your skillset in the banking industry has opened you up to a higher consciousness towards a greater calling and you make a great coach for anybody trying to succeed in a tough business world find their spiritual grounding.

Dannion Brinkley
Bestselling author of ‘Saved by the Light' & 'Secrets of the Light’

On 2, July 2017, I graduated from Danny R. Khursigara’s first “The Soul of Success Abundance Workshop” in Hong Kong, before that I was struggling with prioritising my work and with stress. As I am a talk show host, I produce at least one or two shows a week. Besides that, I also run a centre of learning and several book clubs. I love my work but I was working very hard but my finances lagged behind and causing me stress and lack of focus.

After Danny’s workshop, I found my mission, "I’m a lot more than a bunch of roles, I am a woman leader who builds up other women leaders, to make a difference in the world". This really shocked me. Immediately, I started to concentrate my efforts on my company’s finances by prioritising what really matters to me. And letting go of whats not important’.

By the end of July, I have doubled the income of business in June,though still far from my target, I’m making huge progress.

Also, the website of my talk show was suspended for last two years. Within a month, I’ve raised enough money, to put it back to work and that will definitely help achieving my career goals. The list will go on and on and on…

I highly recommend Danny’s workshop to those who wants to create more success into your life. If you are still trying to find your passion. Just close your back door and go for it!

Esther Lee
Together Radio founder
Wisdom Center founder

Danny has incredible intuition and compassion for others that allows him to feel and inspire others to become their best selves. This was a life changing experience, Thank you Danny!

Polina Efremenko
Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer
Shanghai, China

I have had the pleasure of seeing Danny conducting key note talks and presentations.

It is always a pleasure when Danny speaks, magic happens.

I really enjoyed the trust building exercises, some of the key things you will learn from Danny’s workshop/seminars are:

  • How to double your results/income and your free time in 3 years or less
  • A simple but powerful formula (E+R=O) that will empower you to handle any experience more responsibly, effectively and successfully.
  • How to overcome the fear of rejection and ask for what you want and need.
  • How to overcome the fear of failure and get into action.
  • The daily “disciplines of success” you need to have to sustain success over time.

I have seen firsthand the transformations that occur when working with Danny Khursigara and they are outstanding!

Forrest Willett
International Speaker
#1 best selling author of “ Baseball’s Don’t Bounce”
As featured in the #1 New York Times bestseller The Success Principles.

Danny’s events are very inspiring and give powerful instruments to believe in one’s self and methodically improve and discover the inner potential through daily success habits that ultimately lead to quantum success.

Danny is a true believer and a charismatic man. His background and vast experience in business is a precious contributor to his authentic style and the knowledge he shares with us.

Alice Tavano

Danny is an exceptional trainer and an experienced Coach with an amazing ability to offer superb insight and instant feedback that inspired everyone in this large audience.

Dr. Chou Wah-Shan
Founder of Dreams Possible and Body-Mind-Spirit Platform

I so appreciate that I had this great opportunity to participate in this precious workshop by the specialist being famous worldwide..

Through the workshop, I found what I need to develop myself to achieve my goals, finally..

The Looking beyond Behavior session - 8 compelling forces that govern what we do was amazing!!! I realized what needs or fears have been driving me the most. I now understand what was holding me back from happiness and success.

Hiromi Yumiki

It was very easy to understand to find all the contents to be able to practice in daily life. Looking beyond behaviour and overcoming fear of rejection were transforming moments for me.

Giancario Caforio

I love Danny’s delivery style!

You demonstrate one of the nicest and motivating speaking style and I aspire to imitate you. The Values in Action session was amazing and made got me engaged to get passionate about organisational and personal values.

Motohiko Matsuda
Training Manager

Working with Danny is a transformational experience. His compassionate nature and concern for others creates a supportive environment for personal growth & development. He inspires & empowers you to identify & achieve your goals, believe in yourself & lead a more fulfilling life! Amazing!!

Lisa Deats

Danny's 'Winning through Change' was an awesome workshop. It inspired everyone in the room to behave differently and help people become successful. No one should miss it!

William Liu

The Soul of Success documentary is nominated for 2 Emmys this year for best Director and best Cinematographer.

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