Maximise Potential, Magnetise Success, Monetise the Experience!



Maximise Potential, Magnetise Success, Monetise the Experience!

What are they?

Based on several years of industry experience in the corporate world and mentoring and coaching people from various walks of life over the years, Danny uses proven and time tested success strategies (based on the Success Principles) and examples in his keynote talks, trainings and coaching sessions. You are guaranteed to be inspired and equipped with self-empowering tools, proven performance strategies that will get you from where you now to where you want to be.

Danny's keynote and training sessions are interactive, fun and a brilliant learning experience. Far beyond being motivated to take action, Danny teaches actual methods, tools and exercises that participants will hugely benefit from in key 7 areas of life - financial, career, relationships, health & fitness, fun & recreation, personal growth (spiritual, emotional, educational) and contribution to society.

Danny believes in 'experiential' training that leads the audience to experience a mental or emotional breakthrough during and after the session.

Keynote Experience

1 to 2 hours. Perfect for any size audience, the Keynote will be tailored to your audience needs and/or theme of your event that is guaranteed to inspire and motivate your guests to take action!

Winning Through Change in Corporate Organisations

With unprecedented changes in economic, political and corporate landscapes, this program is designed to help organisations cope with changes in strategy, execution and people. Winning Through Change allows corporate organisations to flow through the change process with feeling motivated, focused and outcome oriented. This half to full day event is interactive with experiential exercises leaving the audience engaged, inspired and equipped with time tested strategies and tools and a 'winning' mindset to sail through a changing and challenging environment.


Inspired to Greatness

Inspired to Greatness is a 2-3 days transformational event where you will align your purpose, passion, vision and goals to achieve success and personal fulfilment. In this event, you will experience deep transformation through time tested techniques, experiential exercises and mindfulness that will shift your conscious awareness. You will overcome fear, limiting beliefs and negative patterns of thought and behaviour. You will co-create your success road map and experience greater levels of success and fulfilment in career, business, finance, relationships, health & well being, personal growth (emotional or spiritual) and contribution to society.

Soul of Success - How to live your Purpose and Manifest Success & Abundance

This is a 2 full days workshop that is a shorter version of 'Inspired to Greatness' to help you get clear on your life purpose and to create more success and abundance in your life in the shortest possible time.  

Key Learnings

  • How to double your results/income and free time in less than 3 years
  • Getting rid of self defeating beliefs, behaviours, fears and habits that keep you stuck
  • Revealing your life purpose, identifying & tapping into your passions
  • Key habits and disciplines of successful people/entrepreneurs
  • Be clear on what you want
  • The infinite power of visualisation
  • Harness the power of meditation
  • Vision & goal setting
  • Leadership
  • Taking inspired action
  • Follow your intuition & focus on your unique talents and abilities to create fulfilment
  • Boosting self esteem
  • Action and accountability
  • Habits that maintain motivation
  • Increase your free time
  • Laws of the universe

Success Matters

A few brief questions on the first steps to a more fulfilling career or purposeful life.


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